About MaryAnn & Her Team

MaryAnn McReynoldsA successful Atlanta Real Estate investor of over 20 years, MaryAnn has the real-world experience that her clients need and appreciate. The real estate market and industry are constantly changing and as a successful Douglasville real estate agent MaryAnn recognizes the need to stay on top of the latest marketing and technology trends to give her clients the edge they need in an increasingly competitive real estate market.

MaryAnn originally obtained her REALTOR® license with the intention of using her real estate knowledge to help her friends and family with their growing real estate needs. Finding that she had a real passion for the industry and people, -and with referrals flooding in-, she made the decision to devote herself full-time and offer truly original comprehensive real estate services in West Georgia that few others could match.

The difficult market for sellers and rising foreclosure trend which began in 2006 prompted her to search for the best ways to help sellers during their time of need. Although she already had a website in place like any Douglasville REALTOR®, MaryAnn researched and found the powerful statistics which proved that a major shift had taken place in buyer behavior and also proved the incredible power of online marketing. Determined to be a local leader in the industry, MaryAnn committed herself to leveraging this awesome online power for her own clients. She has proven her dedication by making a considerable personal investment in the latest real estate technology tools and marketing.

Understanding the time-consuming nature of web/graphic development and marketing, MaryAnn employs the marketing services of Search and Rescue Real Estate Marketing. With over 20 years telecom/IT experience, Search and Rescue Marketing has taken MaryAnn’s online presence to new levels, allowing her to focus on her clients and the West Georgia real estate market. Many Douglasville real estate agents try to ‘do it all’ themselves and end up spreading themselves too thin. MaryAnn understands the power of teamwork and has assembled her team to give her clients the most value and service imaginable.

First-time buyers and teachers have always held a special place in MaryAnn’s heart and she will continue to do everything possible to find these clients affordable quality housing at every opportunity. She has likewise always assisted her fellow real estate investors with locating and securing profitable properties. MaryAnn upholds the strict code of ethics that NAR enforces for every REALTOR®.

Helping sellers present their property in the best light possible, the home maintenance and staging skills she has developed over the years can transform a home into a buyer’s dream overnight and ensure a timely and profitable sale.

Contact MaryAnn today to get real estate advice you can trust from an experienced expert in the field. Avoid the pitfalls that many homebuyers  and sellers have recently encountered and learn the critical factors you need to know if you are buying or selling in today’s market.